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The Details Matter When Installing A Roof… And We Get Them Right.

Roof Replacement San Antonio

The truth is that metal roofing installation is a specialized business. Not everyone can do it.

That’s why we have created specific processes and methods to install metal roofing in San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. It’s what allows us to deliver consistent, best-quality results on every single roof replacement.

One key element to our success is that we have an expert supervisor who will oversee every aspect of your roof project and makes sure all installation team members are accountable for their work. Nothing is allowed to fall below our elite standards of craftsmanship.

We also have crews that know these products and installation methods backwards and forwards. We can say that confidently because these crews are trained by the manufacturer. Nobody knows these products better. Due to a special partnership with Classic Metal Roofing, we use manufacturer crews overseen by our certified and expert supervisors.

One Last Thing To Know…

Believe us when we tell you that sloppy or inferior installation is simply not an option for us or the manufacturer. The warranties on these metal roofs are so good that if we didn’t install them correctly, we’d be spending all our time on warranty claims! It’s in our interest and yours to get it done right the first time - and we do.

In short, we can’t afford not to be good because the warranty promises are so good and last for decades!

If you’d like to get more details on metal roofing and its advantages for your Texas home, please visit our metal roofing page.

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