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Classic Metal Roofing Products Are The Very
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Classic Metal Roofs

Of the all the metal roofing products available on the market, one brand in particular stands out: Classic Metal Roofing.

They were an early leader in metal roofing, founded in 1980. Over the next 35+ years, this company has stayed on top. Classic Metal Roofing is well-known by insiders to have the perfect combination of superb durability, beauty, and the best warranties.

One of the best aspects of Classic is their wide selection of styles:

We can work with you to find the perfect look to complement your home. You do NOT have to settle a typical, plain roof. For more details, please visit our Types of Metal Roofing page.

Manufactured In Texas And Ohio: The Highest Quality Standards

Classic Metal Roofing manufactures its products right here in Texas, and also in Ohio. The quality secret is their use of Quality Assurance Engineers. These engineers go through a series of redundant quality checks - everything is inspected, checked, and double-checked. This high-level of quality control means that everything created meets very exacting, industry-leading standards.

In fact, the standards are so high that Classic Metal Roofing is one of just four companies producing products that meet the Certified Metal Roofing Panel program administered by Metal Construction Association.

A Special Emphasis On Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits

Classic Metal Roofing is more energy efficient than other roofing material. That helps your energy bill and the environment. The manufacturing process is also environmentally sound, using recycled metal materials and also recycling materials that are byproducts of the manufacturing process.

Also, when these roofs need replaced decades and decades from now, most of the roofing material will be recyclable. Unfortunately, typical roofing material ends up in a landfill.

Classic Metal Roofing Stands Behind Their Roofing Products With A Rock-Solid Warranty

With all the great reasons to love Classic, there is one that clinches it for us: The Warranty. Classic Metal Roofing is known for their outstanding warranty and for always standing behind their products. The warranty is not pro-rated - you get full coverage for the length of the warranty.

Everything is in writing, and you’ll have complete ‘peace-of-mind’ that you are making a rock-solid investment in your home.

Next Step

We’d be honored to talk to you about Classic Metal Roofing and why we believe it is one of the best choices you can make to protect and beautify your home.

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