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Don’t Go It Alone.

Get The RIGHT Amount For Your Texas Roof Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Trying to get the proper amount for an insurance claim on your roof without professional help is like going to court without a lawyer: you can do it, but it’s almost always a bad idea.

This is especially true for metal roofing insurance claims after storm damage. Our experience in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston has revealed to us that insurance adjusters underestimate claims by about 50% when it comes to assessing damage to metal roofs.

This is simply because many of them don’t have enough experience with metal roofing and they underestimate what’s really necessary. The typical insurance adjuster sees lots of traditional roofs, but not enough metal roofs to do a fully accurate assessment.

The good news is that at Buras Construction we do have that expertise. And once we document everything for them and educate them on what is needed, you get the appropriate amount for your storm damage claim.

Another key point is that insurance companies are like any other industry: they have rules and a language all their own. It’s crucial to understand these rules and this language if you want to get the proper and fair amount for your claim.

Buras Construction knows “how to speak insurance.” We know EXACTLY how to document everything to get you the fair and appropriate amount to fix your roof. Homeowners in San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston should call us for a free storm damage roof inspection.

What If I Think I Might Have A Claim, But I’m Not Sure?

If you think you might have suffered storm damage to your roof, the best thing to do is call us for a free inspection. This is a ‘no-lose’ situation for you.

What If I Don’t Currently Have A Metal Roof, But Want To Upgrade Due To The Damage To My Roof? Will The Insurance Company Pay For That?

We can definitely help you upgrade your roof. The way it works is we’ll get you the proper amount for your claim from the insurance company under your policy terms. Then you would be responsible for the difference between the claim and the cost of the upgrade. (And that difference could be paid off with a payment plan if you prefer).

The best thing to do is call us for a free, no-obligation inspection and we can talk through your options.

The bottom line is that it is a risky idea to go through the claims process alone and there is absolutely no reason why you should. Don’t accept any amount without first getting expert help!

Give Us A Call And Get A Free Storm Damage Assessment. This Offer Is Good For Storm Damage Roof Inspections In The San Antonio, Dallas, And Houston Areas.