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Our Formula Is Simple:

Top Products + Great Warranties + Best Installers = Happy Customers.

About Us

Buras Construction is different than most Texas roofing companies and that difference is absolutely on purpose.

Most Texas roofing companies are still installing traditional asphalt roofs only. And even when you find a Texas company that says they will install a metal roof, they often don’t have a lot of experience and expertise.

We decided that being average and installing mediocre products was not the kind of roofing company we wanted to be.

Why We Install Metal Roofing

The short answer for why we install metal roofing is easy: It’s the best material for our customers’ homes.

In San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, or Corpus Christi, it’s the best roofing material to stand up to storms and hail. It’s also the best for energy efficiency in the Texas heat. And it comes with warranties that are MUCH better than traditional roofing warranties.

Who We Serve

Geographically, we replace roofs in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. You can get details by visiting our Service Areas page.

But there is a deeper answer to the question of “who we serve.” We serve homeowners who are willing to invest more up front for their roof replacement, because metal roofing is a bigger investment than a traditional asphalt roof. But these smart homeowners know they are making the right choice for long-term value. They are willing to pay more now to save the cost of replacing it again later.

Who Installs The Roofs

We use crews that are certified and trained by the manufacturer as experts in metal roofing. This is a big difference between Buras Construction and other roofing companies. Many roofers choose to use temporary labor and installers that are not skilled or properly trained. With us that will never happen: you get experienced, expert installers.

What Are The Results

The bottom line is that our formula works for everyone. We have top installation teams installing the best metal roofs with awesome warranties. It adds up to happy customers and a thriving business. For more proof of our results, visit our Reputation page. You’ll see that we’re A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau and have superb reviews and references.

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